As best stated by our creed, Sigma Pi’s strive “to develop character”. However, character is not simply gifted, but rather worked towards and gradually achieved. In order to develop strong character in our brothers, we have initiatives for member education, scholarship, and leadership education engrained in our operations.


The main reason we are here at Cal Poly is to succeed academically and prepare ourselves for success when we graduate. This is why the brothers of Sigma Pi put academics first. While many believe that joining a fraternity can hinder academic performance, statistics prove this is not true. Sigma Pi consistently has an all-fraternity GPA ranking among the top at Cal Poly. With our academic mentorship program, minimum GPA requirements, and rewards for high GPA’s, we make sure that each brother achieves success.


One of the main goals in Sigma Pi is preparing our brothers to be leaders. Whether it be in the classroom, on campus, on the sports field, or when you graduate from Cal Poly, we strive to prepare ourselves to be leaders. Whether you choose to take an executive council position, committee chairman position, or any other various leadership roles we afford, Sigma Pi will leave you skilled for wherever life takes you.