Some of the most rewarding and valuable experiences our brothers obtain are through Sigma Pi’s brotherhood events. Ranging from simple barbecues and hikes to backpacking trips and professional sports games, these events strengthen our brotherhood and continually enrich our college experience. With the resources and experience of all our brothers, we are able to plan and host large scale events such as Knockerball tournaments and an annual Brotherhood Thanksgiving dinner. Regardless of your background, Sigma Pi offers something for everyone to enjoy and grow from. In true Sigma Pi fashion, we always seek to learn more, do more, and develop ourselves into well rounded fraternity men.

Here’s a look at several of our brotherhood events from this past year:

Lake Lopez Camping Trip

Each year we spend a weekend at Lake Lopez to get away from the city and schoolwork. We spend the afternoon on the lake diving and wakeboarding before heading to the campsite to wind down around the campfire.


This past winter we held our first brotherhood Knockerball tournament. We suited up in large inflatable balls and competed in a five on five soccer tournament with pride and bragging rights on the line.

Brotherhood Thanksgiving

Each year we get together to celebrate Thanksgiving together as a brotherhood. We cook food together and enjoy each other’s company before heading home for Thanksgiving Break.

San Jose Earthquakes Game

In October we headed up to San Jose to watch the Earthquakes take on Real Salt Lake. We met up with some alumni from our chapter before making our way to our field level seating at a huge outdoor bar.